Being a company, managing its human capital, the main foundations of its success, at universal standards and becoming the employees’ choice is one of the main goal of the Human Resources Management (HRM) Policy.

The main policy of the Company is to create high performing culture by improving the work with the skills and the competencies of the individuals in order to meet the requirements of the job, and to select, develop, assess, and manage human resources in compliance with international standards, and with the principle of equal opportunities.

The human resources management (HRM) is committed to create a dynamic atmosphere that allows development and innovation, to increase the performance of the employees, and therefore, to help accomplish the Company objectives in an effective and efficient manner. Accordingly, structural and corporate structures are created to meet the existing and future human resources requirements, and thus, to support the Company management.

The intention of the selection and placement practices at AA and Partners is to add people to the company with a high level of education, motivation to succeed and high social qualities that are open to improvement, learning and innovation and also possess an entrepreneurial spirit, dynamism, customer focus, respect and highly developed work ethics.

The basic qualifications sought in candidates include the improvement of human values and personal capabilities equipped with curiosity about the world, that are eager to research, learn and apply, as individuals who are open to development in every aspect of their lives, who create a difference and add value. As the duties involved are at an international platform, being very fluent in English, being free to travel and free to re-locate are of critical importance for most positions.

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